Executive Coaching for Professional and Personal Reinvention

Certified. Professional. Experienced.

Julie Overholt is a pioneer in the arena of professional business coaching. She became a certified professional coach through the International Coach Federation in 1995, and is part of an elite group of coaches in a profession that is growing by leaps and bounds. With 20 years of experience, she is one of only 1,800 coaches from 58 countries to hold this credential. Julie has served as President of the North Texas Chapter of the International Coach Federation, and in a variety of other roles for the advancement of the coaching profession.

Ms. Overholt is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst, certified to both administer and interpret the DISC and Personal Interests Attitudes and Values Assessments. She is a graduate of Coach University and affiliated with the Graduate School of Coaching, Legacy Leadership Institute and Target Training, International. Julie has a BA in Speech from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.

In 2011 Julie collaborated in the publication  of “Exiting Oz,” a comprehensive exploration of the workplace dynamics with Generation X and Millennials. She has also been used as an expert resource for Men’s Health, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Friends, and numerous print organizations and media outlets across the United States.

For more information call: 972-985-7525

or email: Julie@julieoverholt.com

Case Study 1:

A Fortune 500 director level executive in a $95 Billion travel industry was looking to expand her visibility in the organization while under pressure to provide value in her current role. The creative and collaborative relationship she had with Julie provided focus and the confidential environment necessary to access her strengths and explore how to build her brand of leadership.

Result: She was promoted from regional director to regional vice-president.

Case Study 2:

Director in a $4.5 Billion division of a Fortune 100 company was passed over for a promotion three times. It became clear to him that getting promoted is not just about doing a good job in your current role. He partnered with Julie to help him learn how to leverage his accomplishments and inspire him through a rigorous re-branding process. Areas of focus: improving his communication with top levels of management, evolving his success strategies into success stories, upgrading and refreshing his ‘leadership mindset’ and providing a softer presentation of his personal brand.

Result: The next position he went after (Regional Director) he landed!!

Case Study 3:

Forty-something CIO of $684M multi-level marketing company wanted to implement changes for the organization but couldn’t get traction around his ideas. The rest of the leadership team had ten plus years of business experience on him but he felt as though their traditional viewpoints sometimes held the company back. And, by extension, him. Julie helped him break down the day-to-day obstacles and identify the core issues. Then, attribute which of the organization’s beliefs around best business practices were out of alignment with the pace of how and why business was getting done in the trenches.

Result: The CEO was better able to recognize the lost opportunities for revenue, and our client was inspired by the experience of initiating change.

Case Study 4:

President and CEO of a Ft. Worth division of a $41.9B Fortune 100 company. European ownership and an informal leadership style made for a frustrating relationship between top leadership and this bold, outspoken Texan. He wanted help in polishing his communication and listening skills to present a more sophisticated approach to leadership which he felt would allow him to better influence decisions at the top.

Result: Asking questions to deepen understanding will always get you further than telling people what you know. Our client learned to modify his approach by assessing his ‘audience’, building rapport, use his stories at appropriate times, and asking more questions.