Dad + Leadership = Father’s Day

You cannot separate a real man from his values or his leadership skills. No where is this more apparent than when you watch a man with his children. Whether he’s watching his daughter take her first steps and catching her before she stumbles… Or, vigilantly guarding his infant son while he fretfully sleeps in a hospital NICU… Fatherhood is an important leadership role. .

To all the dads that understand the value of teamwork, setting priorities, making responsible choices […]

Maybe being impatient is your clue?

Where are you resisting? What needs to be completed (substitute fixed or changed) right now? Where are you unwilling to give yourself time to learn the lesson that created the problem you are struggling with? Impatience is only one form of resistance. But, it’s a pretty good place to start if you’ want to build something that will transform your life and your career.