Dad + Leadership = Father’s Day

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You cannot separate a real man from his values or his leadership skills. No where is this more apparent than when you watch a man with his children. Whether he’s watching his daughter take her first steps and catching her before she stumbles… Or, vigilantly guarding his infant son while he fretfully sleeps in a hospital NICU… Fatherhood is an important leadership role. .

To all the dads that understand the value of teamwork, setting priorities, making responsible choices […]

Serena Williams… Magnifique!!

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Whether in sports or in executive leadership, every great champion will lose a game now and then. Last year, after losing in the first round of the French Open, Serena Williams vowed to return this year to fulfill her dreams. After that stinging defeat, she went 74-3, including titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the  London Olympics and the season-ending WTA Championships.

Saturday, Serena accepted the Suzanne Lenglen trophy (and speaking to the crowd in perfect French) she revealed what very […]

The Success Continuum: Believing and Knowing

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In a new role, first  you must prove what you know. Next, you must prove what you know about yourself and who you believe you can become. Finally, in leadership, you must know when to be the smartest person in the room and when to be the thoughtful ‘believer’ in the room.  It is a leader’s belief system that provides the foundation for what everyone else will think, decide and act. Success is part knowing who you are and […]

Maybe being impatient is your clue?

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Where are you resisting? What needs to be completed (substitute fixed or changed) right now? Where are you unwilling to give yourself time to learn the lesson that created the problem you are struggling with? Impatience is only one form of resistance. But, it’s a pretty good place to start if you’ want to build something that will transform your life and your career.

Living in purpose or changing the channel

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The tragedy in Oklahoma last week reminded me that life is a privilege. The news is a constant reminder that life is fragile. Many people cope with tragedy on the news by changing the channel. But, changing the channel can also keep us stuck.

Moving away from something unpleasant is a short term solution that doesn’t move us towards our life purpose. It just keeps us moving. Only, taking action and making choices keeps us living in our purpose. […]