Is executive coaching a fit for you?

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Recently the CEO of a very successful company in the luxury car business called to ask me if I had room in my coaching practice to work with one of his General Managers; and if so, would I take him on as a client. I replied that I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with his GM and that afterwards I would get back with him.

The […]

Give your goals the respect they deserve.

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It’s just about a year ago that I started taking my own advice about achieving my goals. If you want a specific outcome, you must give the outcome the respect it deserves.

Yes, you can take the easy way out. You can justify, excuse and defend your actions or demonize others. You can be mad, discouraged, insulted or confused. You can do all that, but you […]

Leadership: Getting to the root of it.

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Strong leadership is at it’s best when leveraged as a process not a goal. As leaders, that means we must be willing to go below the surface to examine the root of whatever is standing in the way.

I’d like to tell you it’s easy work or that you’ll always get acknowledged for doing the right thing. But, leadership can be pretty messy at times. Not unlike digging up  ‘hairy roots’, buried rocks and clumps of […]

Find a way.

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Look at this face. What do you see? The face of a dreamer or an achiever? For thirty-five years, Diana Nyad has planned and persevered while others observed in wonder and disbelief as she pursued her dream to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys. Even if you didn’t understand her dream, you had to respect her ambition to achieve it.

Accomplishing this amazing feat was no accident. Nyad consistently did five things that are actionable for all of […]

Are you filling the seats?

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Competition in the workplace is fierce. Many professionals today are focused on building their credibility and visibility to get bettter opportunities. Whether you’re just starting to build your brand or have been at it for awhile (but not getting the results you want), building a strong play book and strengthening your mindset is critically important.

Know your audience. Less is more if you’re focused upward. Know what your deliverables are but customize your message to each person, And, if you […]

What are you harvesting?

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Mushroom Management is when a manager keeps his/her employees in the dark, provides very little guidance, feeds them a bunch of garbage about how important contributing is while harvestsing the best ideas for themselves.

Executives need to be especially mindful to shine a bright light on individuals and initiatives at all levels that drive the company to be profitable and relevant. Relevant, first to your employees. Then, to your customers.

Leadership is […]

More than EVER We Need Leaders with Empathy

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Ineffective managers make up approximately 51 percent of the management pool today; costing companies millions of dollars each year directly or indirectly. A top priority for today’s organizations is to build a cadre of leaders with the soft skills required to move teams through uncertainty.

Empathetic leaders are assets because they are better able to build trust and maintain relationships which is a critical part of leading EVERYwhere in the world, in EVERY industry and at EVERY […]

What Kills a Dream

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Three things will kill a dream for you: overwhelm, frustration and isolation. By far, isolation is the worst condition of all.

Every day thousands of executives will stand on a critical path and make a career defining decision in a vacumn. They do it because they have the title and the authority to do so. And, in some instances, they’ve been conditioned to think it is weak to do it […]

Executive Leadership: Highest visibility::Greatest Risk

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“Pilots deprived of visual references while flying can quickly loose control of their aircraft and succumb to one of aviation’s biggest killers: spatial disorientation. This is a spot on analogy for what can happen to the executive that is building their role inside a new organization.”

 Spatial disorientation is the mistaken perception of one’s position and motion relative to the earth. According to a recent […]

Vicious Cycle vs. Virtuous Circle

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When I partner with an executive for 60-90 days to help them evaluate and basically reboot their brand, I want to spend time evaluating the environment they work in. Sometimes a client decides that it’s time to do some inner work as in “What has avoiding difficult conversations cost them professionally?” or “How do they manage their own mindset when criticized by a peer?”

Point of note: You can do a lot of work on yourself but […]