Planning your next major career move? The coach Texas executives have come to rely on is Julie Overholt.

No matter where you are in your career, Julie can help. Whether you need assistance moving your career direction upward or improving your effectiveness as a leader, do what Dallas’ most successful professionals do and contact Julie Overholt.

An Executive Coach in Dallas that Professionals Trust

Dallas is a business mecca, full of corporate headquarters, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with great ideas. Career Coach Julie Overholt has built her career helping successful business leaders in the nation’s fourth largest city achieve results. Yes, Julie delivers exactly what Dallas career-driven professionals seek. Not only is she one of the most experienced Career Coaches in Dallas, she’s an expert that other Executive Career Coaching Professionals look to for advice and counsel. Julie is considered to be a true leader in her field, but best of all clients love what she does for their careers.

Her Results Speak for Themselves

Julie Overholt is a nationally recognized author of “Exiting Oz. How the New American Workforce is Altering the Face of America Forever,” and she is a pioneer in Career Coaching. Texas style. That means fast growing, forward thinking executives and corporations look to Julie for her expertise in Executive Career Coaching.

Considered a pioneer in the area of Executive Coaching, Texas-based Overholt works with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and executives that want to propel their careers or improve their effectiveness working with others. Julie’s experience coaching Texas professionals, and the fact that she’s been successfully changing lives for more than 20 years as an Executive Career Coach, makes her a sought-after consultant nationwide.

“Career Coaching Texas Professionals has always been a thrill, because Texas has always had an exciting business climate.”

The Best Thing About Coaching

The best thing about career coaching is that it is personalized. Julie helps her clients understand their unique strengths and the attributes that have led to their current level of success. She also helps clients identify and change the things that may be getting in the way of achieving their professional objectives. That’s why major corporations and upwardly mobile professionals look to Julie Overholt Executive Coach Texas.

As Julie says, “Our image is what we project to others before they have a chance to get to know us.” Helping executives improve their brand image and effectiveness has been Julie’s passion for more than 20 years.